Residential Lots

SENDEROS of Ciudad Mayakoba is a project designed and created by a group of Mexican investors along with OHL Desarrollos.

SENDEROS of Ciudad Mayakoba will also feature commercial areas that provide essential services to the community, in an area nearby, but independent of residential area, guaranteeing privacy and quality of life.


SENDEROS of Ciudad Mayakoba features a magnificent pairing of luxury with nature, offering a tranquil oasis of sophisticated design with innovative services.

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1. Principal Access to Senderos

2. Principal Access to Senderos Norte

3. Club House

4. Gran Cenote

5. Sendero de los Cenotes Park

6. Cenote Magico

7. Alameda de los Niños Park

8. Rosaleda Park

9. Pet Park

10. Baby Park

11. Sendero Sur

12. Access by Boulevard Parque Mexico

13. Comercial Area

14. The Village Mayakoba

15. Mayakoba Country Club

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  • Lots from 160m²

  • Financing in pesos

  • 30% of down payment

  • Up to 36 months of funding

  • Guaranteed appreciation

Senderos Mayakoba